Pioneering Coral Reef Restoration
Coral reefs are directly in the line of fire from warming oceans. To improve our capacity to restore coral reef resilience, KAUST has begun the Reefscape Initiative—the world’s largest coral garden—in partnership with NEOM, Saudia Arabia’s city of the future.
Located at Shushah Island in the Red Sea, this 100-hectare coral reefscape and oceanic coral nursery will integrate innovative technologies; pioneer new propagation, planting, and monitoring approaches; and attract international expertise to accelerate reef ecosystem resilience, eventually benefitting coral reefs worldwide.
The world's largest single reef restoration and enhancement site.
Outplanting approximately 500,000 corals per annum (~400k from land-based and ~100k from marine nurseries), expected to outplant two million corals in 4-5 years.